Thanda (nani) Gumede is a singer and song writer from Durban in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.  His repertoire includes an eclectic mix of various singing styles and genres including: Afro-jazz, gospel, blues, R&B, traditional (African) and soul. 

He has been featured at the first ever Nelson Mandela Day sanctioned by the U.N. at the British Museum in London; in Buckingham Palace for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and all the (43) members of the Royal family; also at the Theatre Royale in West End for the Red Cross foundation in and at Shaka Zulu restaurant in Camden. TV and Radio appearances include BBC One; Sky 1; BBC Radio Leeds, York and Warwickshire. 


African voices in harmony.

The pounding rhythm of Africa blended with the explosive energy of a live band.

This young and vibrant group of Zulu performers and seasoned musicians from UK reach back into the past to combine ancient tradition with contemporary flare.

Thanda Gumede-Vocals

Nokuthula Zondi -Vocals

Xolani Mbatha -Vocals

Dave Evans - Vocals and piano

Alex Wibrew -Drums

Nik Rutherford - Guitar

Barry Ricarby -Bass